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Create your mining RIG to mine cryptocurrencies

The mining of Bitcoins has become complicated, but it is quite possible to fall back on other cryptocurrencies. However, it is necessary to have a fairly precise idea of ​​the material that one wishes to implement for an efficient and profitable configuration. A few years ago, an individual could mine Bitcoin ( BTCL Wallet ). This era is over and it is now necessary to turn to other cryptocurrencies, the Altcoins, to hope to make profits. Experimenting the mining can be done with a PC, especially if it is a gaming machine. The graphics cards are correct mining tools. This will allow you to discover this activity at a lower cost. To persevere, however, it will be necessary to turn to "bottom" minor configurations, to create a real "rig" as we say in the jargon. Designing your mining rig In principle, a configuration dedicated to the mining of cryptocurrency is quite similar to a conventional PC. We will not discuss the case of basic components that hav

The Best Bank Cards For Bitcoin, Ethereum And Other Cryptocurrencies

Another step in our series on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. After a general presentation and a focus on the best mining options and a guide on the services of purchase / sale of currencies, let us look at the specific case of Bitcoin ( BTCL Electrum ) debit cards. Through our previous articles, we can not say that we have helped to make Bitcoin - or other cryptocurrency elsewhere - more "palpable". Of course, you now have the equipment to mine cryptocurrency and you may have one or two accounts to trade currencies between them. Nevertheless, Bitcoin is still quite theoretical and does not seem to leave the world of finance. Our last step is precisely the opportunity to glimpse the most concrete. Once is not customary, innovation does not necessarily come from the United States and as we will see soon, the oldest Bitcoin debit card solution comes from the United Kingdom. More generally, when choosing such a card, it is important to check that your country is sup