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My Opinion On ELF Products

Well, now that I've told you about the products, it's time to give you a more specific opinion. Already in general I am pleasantly surprised by the brand and the quality of the products. At the packaging level, there is no extravagance, it is rather simple but I want to tell you that personally I do not buy a product for its packaging but rather for its quality! So it does not shock me at all a brand that offers low prices do not make tons of packaging! Now efficiency.To change a little, I decided to rate the products on 10! That way it will be easier for you Let's start with the radiant base glow, I admit that I was very surprised by its texture, it's quite thick, but without being fat as a cream! So it's a bit of a cake batter effect! If I swear, application level, it is super easy to use, it modifies rather well the skin, which completes the foundation that does not have a matifying effect. By cons, I'm a little disappointed with the Glowy effect t