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Curved LED Light Bars, What Are They And How Do They Work?

Back in 2003, Audi presented at the Salon de Frankfurt what would be the germ of the Audi R8, a concept called Audi Le Mans quattro . In addition to the spectacular design, highlighted the Curved LED Light Bars that equipped , a technological advancement that has gradually been expanding and now is a highly valued option in high-end cars . I grab the glove that DB9 user threw me during the last part of our test of the Audi A6 hybrid , which asked for a review of the Curved LED Light Bars that equipped our test unit. Let's see what these headlights are and how they work , in addition to reviewing the models that currently offer this type of headlights as an option or as standard. What is an LED? I'm not going to go into depth to explain what an LED is , but I think it's always good to know how the basic component of these types of headlights works. LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode , a light-emitting diode in Spanish. His own name, then, tells us in broad